Dental Care

  • Your horses teeth are important, we are equipped with state of the art power float technology and have been trained by the best in the field to offer you high quality dental examination and power floating.


  • Services include ultrasonographic mare tracking, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, and stallion collection.

Minor Field Surgery

  • Castrations and laceration repairs 



Watt Equine Veterinary Services

Lameness Examination

  • We provide in-depth lameness diagnosis built on visual examination, palpation, flexion testing, perineural anesthesia, and diagnostic imaging. We are happy to work on horses from all sports and professions.

Emergency Care

  • We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies, call any time!

Equine Wellness

  • Yearly physical examinations, deworming, and vaccination schedules are important for your horses well being. We can help you design the best plan for your horses to maintain their health.

Pre-Purchase Evaluation

  • Buying or selling a horse? We can help with a thorough physical and soundness evaluation as well as digital radiography services.

Diagnostic Imaging

  • We carry state of the art digital radiology equipment by Universal Imaging with Canon software to ensure high quality imaging.
  • Ultrasonography of tendons, ligaments, thorax, abdomen, and the reproductive tract is available.


  • Coming soon! Dr. Selina Watt is taking a Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians course in Fort Collins, CO this October and is very excited to offer you these services.


  • Dr. Walker Watt is a farrier and offers a unique ability to combine that with treating lameness conditions of the equine foot. Equipped with digital radiology he has a unique perspective and ability and is very skilled and interested in podiatry.